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DVS Detailing

Welcome To

Welcome To

Multi-Package Discounts

All bookings that include both an Interior & Exterior package will receive a 10% Multipackage discount

Loyalty Program

For all clientele, no matter the booking made, we offer permanent exclusive discounts for continuing to use our services:

  • 3 Bookings - 5% Discount

  • 5 Bookings - 10% Discount

  • 7 Bookings - 15% Discount

  • 10 Bookings - 20% Discount

All Loyalty discounts are combinable with the Multi-Package discount up to a maximum of 20%, allowing those we serve to get the best bang for their buck while ensuring their car is in the right hands!


Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

For cars, trucks, SUV's, and many more of the worlds day-to-day vehicles, we offer a handful of different packages to ensure that you leave our shop satisfied and with expectations met. These packages include Interior Cleanings, Exterior Washes, Paint Coatings, Scratch Removals, and Ceramic Coatings. Click here to view these packages.


No wheels? No problem. Even with the aquatic side of life we've got you covered. We offer packages for boats of all sizes ranging from Interior Cleaning, Exterior Washes, Grime & Bacterial Build-up Removal, and Exterior Polishing. Click here to view these packages.



Have something outside of our ordinary? No problem at all! We offer our services to a much larger selection of vehicles, toys, and much more - including Washes, Waxes, and Interior Cleanings. Click here to view more info.

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