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About Us

About Us

Dust - Vacuum - Shine

My name's Trevor, and I'm the owner and member of DVS Detailing LLC, located in Berlin, NH. For as far as I can remember, I've always enjoyed cars - anything from a beautiful petina finished classic work truck to a flashy, Italian exotic; and more so, I've always kept them clean. Even during the winter, I treat my cars to weekly cleanings to make sure they look and feel as great on the outside, as they do on the inside. Eventually, friends and family began to ask when I could do theirs next, and though at the time it was all in good humor, it quickly became a reality. 

You may be asking where we got our name from, well we have an answer for you! On our journey of becoming an LLC, we were faced with the task of deciding on what to call ourselves. After reaching out to friends and family, someone near and dear recommended exactly what we go by today, which is abbreviated for "Dust, Vacuum, Shine". It wasn't long until we made the choice, because at the end of the day, those are the three essentials that detailing is built upon today. 


Here at DVS, we strive to positively impact the general community as a small-business, and offer our services at a professional level and affordable rate while at the same time, doing what we love! Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect to us with what we do and the services we provide, and we do our best to maintain the same cleaning standards as with our personal vehicles.


We are always growing! Before expanding new products, methods, and equipment into our inventory and offerings, we personally reach out to a series of different forums, professionals, and communities across the country to make sure we are progressively developing our skills and knowledge to better our results and improve wherever we can.

A question I've been asked numerous times is; "Why do you always refer to the business as 'we', when you're the soul owner/member?" and it's really simple to me. Though I may be the only member and laborer to DVS, we could not have gotten to where we are today without the word of mouth from friends, family, and clients, or from the knowledge and tips from other detailers across the US. When I refer to the business as we, I group together the community as a whole that has participated in our new beginning and progression forward, so we thank you all for your support!

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